Test station

With 75 to 150 kgs of sample, we check the behavior of your material

with our equipment, in real-life conditions.

Study the behavior of your material

The study of materials involves a number of procedures and calculations, enabling us to determine their precise behavior.

Our Labo Experts will study a number of elements to recommend the right solution to make your project a success.

In addition to observing the behavior of your material at the time of transfer, we will observe its integrity upon delivery, measure the flow rate, precisely calibrate the motorization and predefine functional analysis elements such as time delays.

Our test station, with 4-meter elevation, is equipped with :

  • 6 feeder types: 30, 39, 53, 70, 80 and 115
  • 2 hopper types: conical and cylindrical-conical
  • 1 flat-bottomed hopper with feeder vane
  • 3 coil profiles: flat, round and square
  • 1 PLC console

At the end of the tests, we provide you with a summary. This summarizes the characteristics of your material, its behavior during the tests, and the recommended TIM equipment for transferring your plastic powders or granules.

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