Emptying / Loading

Need to unload or fill your big-bags in a safe and controlled way?

To extract your materials stored in big-bags, TIM designs and manufactures big-bag emptying or filling stations,
, as well as solutions adapted to the pourability of your powders or granules.

Big-bag emptying stations

Big bag carriers are available in different versions for handling with forklift trucks, stackers or hoists.

  • Modular big-bag emptying station
  • Automatic bag-raising emptying station
  • Big-bag suspension elements for complete emptying in our "SC" series storage hoppers or devourers
  • Bag emptying unit with integrated dust extraction
Examples of possible options
  • Push-Up arm for automatic bag retraction
  • Big-bag release trap
  • Closing diaphragm valve
  • Pusher on jack for bag massage
  • Height-adjustable discharge table
  • Spreader bar for forklift and/or hoist
  • Possibility of connecting an SC hopper, a devourer or directly to a feeder
  • Customizable station color. Standard color: off-white
Inspection hatch
Color customization
Massaging cylinder
Integrated electrical box

Big-bag filling stations

Big-bag filling by mechanical feeder, pneumatic transfer or other.


  • Sensor-controlled filling stop
  • Filling by weighing
  • Multiple in-line filling

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