Design offices

With 50 years' experience, our design office imagines and designs

plastic peripherals to meet your needs. 

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering Department designs the various parts needed to manufacture the equipment, and carries out a complete study of your project.

  • Software SOLID-WORKS - RHINO
  • Drawing up sales plans
  • Production of order layout plans
  • Production of manufacturing drawings
  • Installation and operating instructions
  • Nomenclatures

Electrical and Automation Design Office

Our Electrical and Automation Design Office designs and manufactures a wide range of control cabinets, from simple electrical boxes to advanced PLC-managed systems.


  • SEE EXPERT software
  • Electrical drawings
  • Electrical enclosures
  • Machine testing and wiring


  • Performing a functional analysis
  • Realization of the man/machine interface
  • Programming
  • Tests
  • Remote access with EWON module (VPN)

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