Manufacturer of plastic raw materials

Explosive environments, aggressive products and maritime environments...

The TIM project & production

The customer's request is to transfer various materials - stored in big-bags or sacks - to mixers. Each material has to be weighed before being fed into the mixer.

The customer's 3 main criteria, to be taken into account in this project:

  • Explosive environment
  • Aggressive products
  • Marine environment


TIM has therefore adapted its equipment to the extreme conditions required.

The transfer

  • Unscramblers equipped with unscrambling blades adapted to different products
  • Dust extraction hood
  • 316L stainless steel components with special anti-corrosion coating
  • Use of special motors and level switches adapted to the environment
  • Centralized dedusting unit
  • Flexible mechanical feeders with multi-stream coils (10 to 15m transfer length)


  • Weighing hoppers with 60° slope, equipped with full-flow drain valves
  • Inner lining facilitates product flow during emptying

Electrical box

  • Explosion-proof power cabinets
  • Explosion-proof weighing indicators are divided into two parts
    • The electronic part of each indicator is installed in an explosion-proof enclosure.
    • The control section of the indicator is intrinsically isolated so that the keypad can be used to operate the indicator.
  • Connection between customer's servers and weighing indicators to retrieve production data
  • All wiring is carried out according to customer specifications.

Conveyed materials

  • Confidential materials

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