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Complete peripherals for a 9000-bph multilayer blow-moulding machine

The TIM project & production

Pneumatic feeding, multi-product dosing, recycle grinding, mechanical transfer and drying.

Complete peripherals for a 9,000-bph multilayer blow-moulding machine.


The TIM project & production

TIM provided the following solution for the complete management of its project.

  • The multi-product feeder is fed from two external silos by pneumatic transfer.
    The mixture, composed of 4 materials (virgin, ground, carbon black and regenerated), feeds the middle screw of the extruder at a flow rate of 350 kg/h.
  • A mechanical feeder at the bottom of the feeder transfers and mixes the various materials.
  • The extruder's internal and external screws are fed directly from the virgin material.
  • The blow-moulding extruder is a machine with a material output of 500 kg/h and, above all, an output of up to 9,000 bottles/h.
    As the start-up phase is relatively long, the recycling line must be able to absorb a significant quantity of bottles.
  • The feeder's "crushed hopper" is designed to store the crushed material from the start-up phase. The crushed material will be added to the mixture as it is mixed.

To ensure optimum bottle quality, TIM has installed a dust removal unit after the grinder to keep the grind as clean as possible.

Production waste is transferred to the shredder by conveyor belt and pneumatic transfer.

Conveyed materials

Materials :

  • virgin,
  • crushed,
  • carbon black
  • regenerated

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